1 in 10 people live in extreme poverty
Our 28,000 villagers found the self-reliant way out

Maternal Death Rates
Cut by 78%

Independent 5-Year Study

Infant Death Rates
Cut by 57%


21 years of Experience
Empowering People to Become Self-Reliant


We END the cycle of poverty and stay until self-reliance BEGINS.

Our Family Preservation Program has proven that extreme poverty can be overcome within three years.

Care for Life partners with village leadership to develop self-reliant communities.

It works. We've helped over 28,000 people escape and stay out of life-long poverty.



How we empower families

The Family Preservation Program was designed over the last 21 years as a way to create self-reliant families among the poorest of the poor.

It is a family-based development program implemented at the community level and has four core components:

  • • A Family-based Goal Setting Program
  • • Community Leadership Development
  • • Community Education and Development Programs
  • • Family by Family Coaching and Support

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$29 a month can empower a family,
promote self-reliance, and lead them out of poverty