Ilah Village

Ilha is actually a part of the Macharote Area but was separated out of the first 2 areas because of village size limitations. Ilha is in the center of the 3 Macharote villages, this is where it gets its nickname Ilha or Island. Ilha has been very eager to join the program as they watched others close make great progress.

Each village is comprised of about 200 to 250 families. We organize the village by dividing them into 8 zones A thru H with about 25 families.  A Care for Life field officer is assigned to each zone and becomes these families mentor and advisor

Your generous monthly donation of $29 will be put to use by implementing our research-backed Family Preservation Program.

The family you select will be provided with the resources they need to become self-reliant over the next three years. By committing to empower your family over the life-time of the program you will be providing them a proven and real path out of extreme poverty. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to continue your donation, you will always be able to manage your donations from the "My Account" section on our website.

Imagine the power your donation will make to one of the families below who are trying to find hope and dignity.

We rely on the monthly reports from our native staff to find out how the families of our villages are doing. When we get an update involving your family and or village you can expect an email from us with the good news!

Empower a Family

Promote Self-Reliance